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Do you want to decorate your home with indoor plants? Visit Added Touch Florist in Bricktown, NJ. Growing plants indoor is not only easy; it also helps purify the air in your home naturally. Plants add a breath of fresh air while making your home more relaxed and green.


Plants also make a wonderful gift idea. You can send a message of love, respect or friendship with a beautiful live plant. No matter what the occasion is, count on us to help you select the perfect plant to encapsulate your thoughts and feelings.

Brighten your space with beautiful plants

  • Plants for your business

  • Indoor plants for your home

  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias and succulent plants

Easy to care for plants:

You can't go wrong with plants. Send your message of love to your friend, family or your special someone with fresh plants.

Add a whimsical touch with beautiful dish plants



We don't have any garden plants; reach to us for more information.

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